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21 May 2018


பத்துமலை உருமாற்றத்திற்காக மக்கள் மாநாடு.
Reform Batu Caves Public Conference.
Persidangan Rakyat Reform Batu Caves.
Agamam Ani will be holding its first public conference on Batu Caves Management Reformation.

The Truth Is Exposed!

Date: 27th May 2018
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm – Sunday
Venue: Petaling Jaya Civic Centre @ 1 Jalan Yong Shook Lin.

New Government’s Prominent Hindu Ministers, MPs, Hindu Leaders, Hindu NGOs & our ever supportive Hindu Public are expected to fill the auditorium to capacity.

1) Reform Batu Caves, Mission, Vision & Updates on our 100 days!

2) Official Request Parliament Select Committee ( PSC) to audit and investigate the financial dealings of Devastanam.

3) Official request to AG to suspend the Devastanam Board and assign a Care Taker Board
4) 5 Pillars of Reform Batu Caves
5) Q & A – Press Conference

Vetri Vel Muraganukku Arogara

AGAMAM ANI 0167114252


  1. Reform BC Agaman Ani – Formed a social media FB/Whatsapp group to facilitate the interest and recruit the public to join the team in order to work on reformation strategic.
  2. Attracted Malaysian Hindus in supporting on Batu Caves management restoration.
  3. Nationwide petition signing commenced, receives the same sentiments to restore the Batu Caves management.
  4. Established 5 Pillars of reformation and shared to public looking for opinion and suggestions.
  5. Strategy to WIN the movement to get the Batu Caves management formation established.
  6. Many relevant team, i.e. Legal team, Public Relation Team, Core Management Team, etc has been formed.


Sri Maha Mariamman Devastanam Temple (SMMTD), Kuala Lumpur

Currently, the Batu Caves Temple is being managed by SMMTD since Nov 1928 and the 1930 Court Judgment pretty much set a system to manage all the 3 temples as mentioned above.

Tan Sri R. Nadarajah, is the chairman, whom,  has some real achievements like building the world’s Tallest  Lord Murugan, Hanuman Temple, Perumal Temple, Aiyappa Temple, Rebuilding Ganapathy Temple, to reduce the size of Silver Chariot, Golden Chariot, 3rd and 4th stair case and much more.

At the same, he has also been implicated in scores of scandals since the beginning of his tenure and much of the management been shrouded in black box.  The largest scandal for Batu Caves in recent times is GRAHANA Issue tug of war with “AGAMAM ARMY” Mr Arun Dorasamy & Malaysia Hindu Sangam that put Batu Caves in the news all over the Tamil World for more than a month.

Some of links listing Batu Caves in News!

® 1993

CBT Trial Download 1993 Judgment : Acquittal

® 2008

® 2012

® 2013

® 2014

® 2015

The 88 years old management system must be REFORMED to instill TRANSPARENCY, CHECK & BALANCE SYSTEM.

Please download the JUDGEMENTS :-

  • 1930 Judgment
  • 1973 Judgment
  • 1981 Judgment

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