#BoikotBtCaves or Boycott Batu Caves 2018 is a truly social uprising 2.0 against SRI MAHA MARIAMMAN TEMPLE DEVASTANAM for ignoring AGAMAM, HINDUS calls, NGOS’ Advise and thousands years of HINDU Traditions for a Non-Religious Reasons.

This was described as the largest social media uprising after the Nov 25th 2007 Hindraf movement by many including the Malaysian Special Branch. The movement has put Batu Caves on the spotlight throughout Tamil World during Eclipse Thaipusam that happened after 156 years and first time since the founding of Batu Caves which was 128 years ago.

Batu Caves has been observing the Agamam rules and customary followings of closing down the temple during the eclipse till now. Thaipusam is the largest congregation of Hindus in Malaysia and the largest human gathering in South East Asia.

On January 19th 2018, Hindu NGOs officially called upon Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Devastanam to close the temple during eclipse in solidarity but the Devastanam merely ignored the call. Hindu NGOs also advised AGAMAM Ani not to pursue the #boikotBtCaves2018. Steadfastly, Agamam Ani made a decision to go ahead with the boycott until Batu Caves Management reverses its decision.

However, with the twist of fate, 2018 Thaipusam at Batu Caves saw an ECLIPSE MIRACLE that denied 1,000,000 crowd to the temple on that fateful day and brought Batu Caves to standstill. A stormy weather started from 4.47pm and stopped at 5.30pm. Nevertheless, the stormy weather continued again at 6pm and ended at 4am on Feb 1st 2018. AGAMAM ANI were there to witness the history unfolding to record the almighty POWER of TRUE FAITH, PEOPLE & INFORMATION.

Moving on after 20 Days of Thaipusam 2018, Hindus in Malaysia and around the world were debating the issue of ECLIPSE and self-educating the science behind such Agamam calling. The world once again against converge to agree HINDUISM /SANATHDHARMA is a SCIENCE of LIFE & UNIVERSE.

The credit and the victory goes to the Proud Hindus & Indian Youths of Malaysia for supporting and standing firm towards defending the righteousness.  Well Done HINDUS of MALAYSIA.

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