VETRIVEL MURUGANUKU [Boikot Batu caves Thaipusam 2018??]

1 Mil HiNDUS have heard!! Boikot well underway..message is clear n loud…..

CONTOH LAPORAN POLIS- Terhadap Pengurusan Kuil Batu Cave

Boikot is Boikot

Vetri Vel Dear Hindus…The Uprising of Hindu Youths and Hindus In Malaysia

Why Society Caring HiNDUS should BOIKOT? Batu Caves 2018

Batumalaiyin tharpothyiaya nilavaram @ 07:30pm on 31 Jan 2018

for the awesome showance of UNiTY and Faith Jan 31st.

Tamilselvi late Prakash died due to failure of emergency medical service by BC at BT CAVE


05 pillars of reform bc why and what

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